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JFK Relics Inc. JFK Relics Inc.


- Autographed Buzz Aldrin

Encounter With Tiber

Men From Earth


- Vol. II of Gerald Ford's

President John F. Kennedy Assassination

Report of the Warren Commission


- Autographed Hal Moore

We Were Soldiers Once...

We Are Soldiers Still


- Autographed Hillary Clinton

Invitation to the White House


- Autographed Randall Wallace


Available for $495 (shipping for this and all books via USPS Priority Mail with Tracking is $7.50 per so this two-volumes cost $15)

Softcover 2008 Post-passing version signed by Publisher Tim Miller (title changed to "A Presidential Legacy" and much info on GERALD FORD PAGE of each; owning one of these ORIGINAL EDITIONS is also that owners LICENSE TO HAVE FIRST OPTION TO BUT ALL FUTURE EDITIONS WITH MATCHING NUMBER, which increases the collectibility and value to the owner) but since he is deceased, this new matching edition will be TRIPLE-SIGNED (Publisher, Retired Professor of Political Science & an "Author & Assassination Expert" to be named with publication. These new editions, like the previous ones cost $495 but pre-orders TODAY are Half Price plus $15 shipping.

FLATSIGNED (flat-saend) adj.Term originally coined by Stephen King to describe books signed by the author directly on the page of the book. The signature is not signed onto a bookplate and stuck onto the book, nor is it inscribed to some particular person. This is the most desirable type of collectible book.

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